Who Hires a Private Investigator and Why?

It is a common perception that only high profile people hire Private Investigators to spy on their spouses or partners. However, this idea is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is hiring a Private Investigator is just as common as hiring a technician or visiting your dentist. People do it all the time. From spying on a cheating spouse to doing a background check on a prospective tenant, surveilling an employee for worker’s comp to workplace theft. Hiring a Private Investigator is more popular than ever.

The mere mention of words “Private Detective” brings up the images of detectives from Hollywood movies in their typical attire. As much as, most Private Investigators would rather have you uphold that classy image of them, the image is not accurate. In fact, most Private Investigators go about their daily life much like everyone else, only discreetly.

The cases that most Private Investigators engage in are also the normal ones, with the exception of a few high profile cases.  To give an idea, at Now You Know Investigations, every month, on an average we get about fifteen to eighteen spousal infidelity cases, about eight to twelve worker’s comp cases, seven to ten child custody cases and numerous employee surveillance cases. All of that alone in the Omaha Metropolitan area.

Hiring an experienced Private Investigator is also advantageous. For instance, a Private Investigator can legally gather evidences and testify for you in the court of law, if required. Also, Private Investigators are highly skilled professionals, they are aware of all the regulations and state laws, and come with a wealth of experience. They carry out their operations after careful analysis of their cases and developing strategies that actually work.

Now Know Investigations has been in operations in Omaha metropolitan area for 14 years. If you’d like to discuss your case, do not shy away, give us a call for a free consultation or schedule an appointment with us.