Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Now You Know Investigations is a Licensed Private Investigation agency. It is a standard protocol to maintain the confidentiality of our client and their personal information. Upon case closure, we destroy sensitive client information to protect the identity.

Private Investigators at Now You Know Investigations are highly qualified and experienced. We take every precaution to remain discreet during the investigation. Before initiating an investigation we develop a sophisticated strategy with our professional team and follow all the security measures to keep the operation inconspicuous.

Every case is different. The nature and the complexity of the case dictate the price of the investigation. When dealing with a sensitive issue it is best advised to hire a professional and licensed Investigation agency. However, the first consultation is FREE at Now You Know Investigations. Contact us now to discuss your case in detail so we can offer you the best quote possible.

It is safe if you hire a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Private Investigation agency. Our Licensing procedure is dictated by the secretary of state. All of our Professional Investigators are required to go through a comprehensive background check to make sure our client’s safety is never compromised. Also, we follow all the State and Federal Laws while investigating on a case.

Yes! Hiring a Private Investigator is just like hiring any other professional service. While it is not normal for people to talk about it, it is very normal to hire a Private Investigator. Sometimes in life we get in situations that concern us and cause stress. It is normal in those situations to seek help of a Private Investigator. You will be surprised how a Private Investigator can help you find the answers that you seek. Contact one of our professionals for a FREE consultation today.

Yes, it is very common. Now You Know is Omaha’s number one Private Investigation agency and at any given time we are working on multiple cases for Individuals, Corporations, and Local Government.

Reel life is very different from real life and the investigation procedures are often less dramatic than what you may see on TV.

In the world of Private Investigation it is hard to define “success rate”. However, at Now You Know Investigations we have a very high Client Satisfaction Rate. Every case is different in its complexity and nature. Hiring a professional and licensed investigation agency can increase your chances of finding the satisfactory answers that you seek.

If you feel you are in a situation that concerns you and causes stress, it is advised to seek help of a Private Investigator. At Now You Know Investigations we have solved over 1700 cases and help our clients find the right answers. First consultation is always FREE! Contact one of our professionals to discuss your situation.

A Private Investigator is trained and qualified to pursue and investigate. Private Investigators also have the necessary equipment that help them investigate easily and discreetly. Also, investigating someone yourself can be dangerous and problematic.

If you hire a professional and licensed Investigation agency, it is very unlikely that they will find out.

It is always legal to investigate someone within the legal boundaries. At Now You Know Investigations we follow all Local State and Federal Laws while investigating. If you believe your case might be different, contact us for a FREE consultation.

Absolutely. In fact, a Private Investigator can help you find evidence legally.

There would be no legal consequences if there are no laws broken.

As long as the Private Investigation agency follows the laws, you will be in no legal trouble. Now You Know Investigations is a Licensed, Insured and Bonded Private Investigation agency. We have been serving Omaha, Nebraska and its surrounding communities for over 14 years. We have a complete understanding of all the Nebraska and Federal Laws. It is very unlikely you will get in trouble.

If you believe you are being investigated our agency can help you to implement Counter Measure in order to find out. Call one of our professionals for a FREE consultation to discuss your situation.

Phone, Email or Website. Leave us a message and we will call you for a FREE consultation.

Although every case is different, these are some of the most common cases we handle on a regular basis:

  • Workers’ Compensation/Personal Injury
  • Spouse Infidelity
  • Surveillance
  • Employee Theft
  • Employee Background Check
  • Extra Marital Affair
  • Domestic & Child Custody
  • Profile & Background Investigations
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Finding a Missing Person
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Assets Investigation
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Skip Tracing & Locates
  • Covert Video Systems
  • Process Service

Yes, our agency investigates in all 50 US states and territories. If you need investigation outside of Nebraska, we can either make a referral or a do an investigation if necessary.