Covert Video Systems


Covert Video Systems
  • Motion Activated
  • Night Vision
  • Available to Rent
  • Theft of Money or Services 
  • Vandalism/Property Damage


Covert video is a discreet and remarkably effective form of investigation. We implement very small, high- definition color cameras to detect and document theft and other unsafe or illicit activity. Virtually undetectable—and thus perfect for use in retail, homes, and offices—covert video has eyes and ears where yours can’t always be.

What We Can Do
Now You Know Investigations will install and operate cameras in requested locations for as long as our clients request. Our cameras run on motion detection, recording only when something is happening; low- light capabilities allow for satisfactory video capture even with little to no light source. Video is stored on digital hard-drives or SD media cards and later transcribed.

What you can expect
Covert video can be reviewed either by us or the client. Once evidence is obtained, we’re available to assist further by recovering stolen items, working with law enforcement (to make arrests and/or issue orders banning an individual from the premises), or simply speaking with the individual to ensure the behavior does not recur.