GPS Tracking


GPS Tracking
  • Track Vehicles or Equipment
  • Location & Speed Alerts
  • Very Small & Easy to Hide
  • Know Where They’ve Been
  • Access From Any Smartphone

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The Global Positioning System, or GPS, consists of 24 active Earth-orbiting satellites; circling the world at 12,000 miles, these satellites transmit microwave signals to GPS receivers. Their orbits are arranged so that anywhere on Earth, at any given time, at least four of the satellites are visible in the sky. The GPS receiver relies on a system of trilateration, in which the receiver pinpoints four or more of the satellites, measures the distance to each, and accordingly detects its own location, speed, and direction.

What We Can Do
Now You Know Investigations offers to install GPS receivers in order to track packages, family members and significant others, or employees. The installation process can be carried out one of two ways:

  • Overtly: This is often chosen as a company policy. Receivers are placed on vehicles for security and monitoring purposes, and employees are notified of the installation beforehand.
  • Covertly: This is performed in order to privately monitor a subject, usually an employee or family member. A covert installation may be carried out by either an investigator or the client. Specifications for installation may also be made, such as when and where the GPS receiver should be placed on a vehicle.

On request our investigators can create an online GeoFence, a specially marked grid placed on a map that alerts the user when a vehicle has entered or exited the sanctioned area.

What You Can Expect
GPS receivers can be tracked online by either an investigator or the client. For a daily fee, Now You Know Investigations will monitor the receiver and provide you updates with any news of marked activity. Self-monitoring is a second option, in which the client is able to log in to an online site at his or her own discretion to view updates on the tracked vehicle. Reports on vehicle history can also be run from this site.