Skip Tracing & Locates


Skip Tracing & Locates
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Skip Tracing involves the tracking down of an individual who attempts to remain undetected, often because he or she is in trouble with the law or owes a sizable amount of money. The process may take days or weeks but often results in obtaining the individual’s address.

Locates are quicker, less expensive searches run in order to get in touch with an individual, most often a witness, family member or an old friend. A locate usually takes one to two days to run, and is usually easier to process.

What We Can Do
Now You Know Investigations utilizes technology and the worldwide web to conduct the most efficient skip tracing and locates. Our exclusive subscription to an online database, containing millions of records and cross-references, allows our investigators to uncover almost any address, from nearly anywhere in the world. Adeptness and persuasiveness are natural tools employed to obtain the information a client needs.

What You Can Expect
Ideally, an address and phone number will result from a search. An address is generally easier to locate than a phone number, however, and may be the only attainable record.