Workers’ Comp / Personal Injury

Workers’ Comp / Personal Injury
  • Crystal Clear Video Evidence
  • Online Case Management
  • Experienced in Court Testimony
  • Watercraft & ATV Equipped
  • Rural Surveillance Experts


Workers’ compensation surveillance continues to be our most requested service. Week in and week out, our investigators spend their days watching, documenting and reporting their findings. Continuous communication between management and investigators ensures the best results possible.

What We Can Do
Now You Know Investigations offers a thorough and carefully conducted investigative procedure, capitalized by more than thirty years of experience among our staff. Our investigators are able to conduct surveillance at any time, in virtually any type of environment. Using cutting-edge technology such as hi- definition recorders, night-vision lenses, covert video cameras and complete camoflage systems, we can often overcome the most challenging conditions and capture video essential to proving Workers’ Compensation fraud.

What You Can Expect
Clients of Now You Know Investigations have come to expect timely service, crystal clear video documentation and detailed written reports. If your case should happen to be litigated in court, you can expect an experienced, well-spoken and professional witness to testify to the findings.